5 Ways to use Skulls as Accessories


The apparel industry has an overall valuation of 3 trillion dollars worldwide and constitutes about 2% to the global GDP.

When it comes to fashion,the only thing that is constant is change. Fashion changes so fast that what is considered fashionable now is considered seriously obsolete tomorrow. people everywhere in the world are really interested in how they look and appear to their friends and will do anything to make sure they are not wearing obsolete or frozen in time kind of fashions. Perhaps one aspect of fashion that most people may not pay adequate attention to is accessories. Accessories are used to enhance parts of the fashion look that make it look more dazzling. Some of the commonly used accessories are shoes,handbags,belts,jewellery and watches. A carefully selected pair of ear rings has the effect of making the a lady’s hair style look fantastic. Skulls for accessories are being adopted by many people in the world and no longer reserved for rock bands.

Read on to learn some of the ways people are using skulls as accessories to make their fashion look real cool.

Skulls look amazingly cool on belt buckles.Skulls are simply amazingly cute when used as belt buckles. You can use a belt with a skull buckle and make a strong statement of your uniqueness and heck,a skull on your belt will even make you look like a tough guy;the type that people shouldn’t  fool with!

When a person asks you to tell them what time of day it is,read it from a skull watch and see how it goes. They will find you cool and amazing Skull watches are available in various sizes and shapes and you will always find one that you really like. To get more ideas on how to choose the best skull jewelry, go to   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/custom-jewelry/.

Skulls have been used as necklaces or on necklaces in various cultures round the world for years. Bone based skull necklaces laced with traces of precious metal will really look cool on your neck. Unlike in the past when wearers of skull necklaces may have worn them in remembrance of their dead,a well selected skull neck piece will sure make you look great.

Skull earings at reartone.com/ can help you create the appearance of that coveted bad girl or bad boy image. Such earrings will help you look like an amazingly cool rebel.

Skulls can also creatively be inserted as part of shoe designs. You can wear shoes with intricate skull designs to project that tough guy image that you like.

One sure way to achieve such an objective is consider buying or owning a few skull earrings accessories. Be sure to check online stores or visit the local fashion dealer for amazing skull accessories.


Awesome Tips When Buying Skull Jewelry


If you are looking for awesome skull jewelry, then this article is for you. Finding high-quality rock and roll jewelry, biker rings, or skull jewelry should be very easy these days because of the advent of the Internet. Even though it is now a lot more convenient and easier to look for biker rings or skull rings for sale, it is still vital that we take the time to consider some few things first. While it is true that there are myriads of jewelry shops today that sell different kinds of biker rings or rock and roll jewelry, you must know that not all of them offer high-quality items. It is advisable that you check first whether or not the jewelry shop has excellent credibility before you buy any biker rings, rock and roll jewelry, or skull jewelry from them. It is crucial that you pick those jewelry shops that have been established for many years already.

The experience of the jewelry shop at www.reartone.com/ is very important. And aside from considering the experience and the credibility of the jewelry shop, it is also very important that you only buy skull jewelry or rock and roll jewelry from shops that have a very good reputation in the market. It is necessary that you are always careful when selecting a jewelry shop since not every one of them are real or legitimate. It is very important that you are cautious when buying jewelry on the web since there are people out there who have nothing to do but scam other people. Trust your instincts and always check whether or not you are dealing with a scammer.

The best jewelry shop out there that offers top quality skull jewelry or rock and roll jewelry are those that have neat and organized website. The website of the jewelry shop reflects who they are. If the website or the online page of the jewelry shop is not user-friendly, then it is best that you find another one. Aside from checking the quality of their website, it is also very important that you check whether or not their business is registered. And before you buy any rock and roll jewelry, biker rings, or skull jewelry from a certain jewelry shop, it is very important that you check for reviews and testimonials first. To read more on the importance of getting the right skull jewelry, check out http://www.ehow.com/how_5552783_make-custom-jewelry.html.

It is necessary that you only choose those jewelry shops that have received excellent ratings and myriads of positive reviews or testimonials. If you think that the jewelry shop has received many complaints instead of positive reviews and good ratings, then it is best that you look for another shop. Last but not the least, always consider your budget when buying skull jewelry, click to know more!

Buying Skull Jewelries: Understanding the Symbolism and History Behind It


One of the most popular symbols are skulls, which are prominent features you will find in modern tattoo art and print graphics. In almost every style of clothing that you can think of it always appear. These skulls are even prominently used as unique designs for accessories and jewelry. Even from the past we have embraced the skulls as part of the integral design in fashion. In the ancient times, we have seen many prominent characters wearing skull-inspired jewelry. There are skull necklaces, skull earrings for men, and skull-inspired rings. To wearing these symbols we are not a stranger. There are many groups around the world which are using skulls as their symbol, sign of power, or authority, as a matter of fact, mostly the prominent ones. We will learn today what are the reasons why we are wearing these unique designs and what is behind this symbolism. Before you will buy them, this article will dwell more on understanding the history and symbolism of using skull jewelry.

There are groups who largely use biker rings skull symbols on their jewelry and ornaments according to some history books, mostly are the Egyptians and the Aztecs. This symbol is part of the cycle of death and rebirth and even treated with same reverence as to their gods. It means a high ranking status or an important representation. The most respected tribesmen are the ones only allowed to wear it as well the most skillful warriors and generals. Today, it is commonly worn in Mexico, especially during the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). It is a celebration not just in Mexico but throughout the Latin America and it is coinciding with the traditional Catholic observances of ‘All Saints Day’ and ‘All Souls Day’. In Europe, a skull ring is a symbol of being a member in an underground society especially during the Elizabethan period. Same reasons behind why certain motorcycle gangs are using these symbols.

The symbol of skulls in jewelry today are made to show the freedom from dying, it means a freer spiritual entity. This emblem on jewelry with snakes is signifying immortality or the afterlife. The meaning of a ring with skulls and a cross is new beginnings. It denotes changing nature of life with the skulls and butterflies together as a statement jewelry. The embracing of these ideas from feminine groups is the meaning of the symbol of a bow on top of a skull. Wearing skull jewelry connotes modern fashion. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best skull jewelry by checking out the post at http://money.cnn.com/2015/02/12/technology/3d-printer-custom-jewelry/.

In fact, there are numerous groups online here and abroad that are using the emblems and symbols of skulls on jewelry. To say that you can easily find skull jewelries today is true.

Understanding the meaning, history, and symbolism behind wearing skull jewelry will create a better perspective in you about the essence of wearing skull jewelry. Shop here!

Varieties of Skull Jewelry


Jewelry has evolved following the advancement of fashion.  While so many type of jewelry exist in different cultures, one type that is widely known is the skull jewelry.  Generally, most people are never comfortable with skulls around their hands or even neck.  Nonetheless, skull jewelry are connected to a sense of fashion, style and also power. This is the reason why most bikers, teenagers and celebrities like them. Some individuals wear skull jewelry for uniqueness while others wear them to keep on remembering human evolution.  However, many people have a strong bond with skull jewelry. Since this type of jewelry is unisex, it can be worn by both male and female.

Many people still do not have an idea that they can find skull jewelry in different designs or style.  Many collections are now available ranging from necklaces to rings.  A large number of people love the skull rings.  There rings made from several materials considering all the price ranges.  When you visit the market, you will find a large number of the silver rings.  Due to the fact that silver looks more modern, fashionable and also trendy, a large number of individuals prefer it.  Teenagers love silver rings because they are not too expensive.  Stainless steel is a better option for those who cannot afford purchasing silver rings.  This kind of material do not rust easily and allows for creation of a variety of designs.

Another example of skull ring is the one made from gold.  The gold skull rings act as a symbol of prosperity and pride. However, they are expensive as opposed to the silver rings.  For a more classy look, a number of people prefer wearing intricate designed gold skull rings. These category of skull rings are highly demanded by people in the market since they are expensive and also stylish.  You can embed your gold ring suing gem in case you can easily afford it. For more facts and information about skull jewelry, you can go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costume_jewelry.

In fact, any type of material can blend well with gem. Wood is also a material that is used in making skull jewelry rings. This type of material is less popular for skull rings. However much wood is so unusual for making jewelries, it can still create captivating designs.  For people that prefer less shiny jewelry, you will absolutely love the ones made from wood.

For Unique  and captivating wood skull rings, you should consider the ones made from petrified wood. This kind of wooden skull rings are available at different prices.  When shopping for skull jewelry at reartone.com you should consider your budget range and also your taste or what you like.

Important Information Concerning Skull Jewelry


Changes in fashion in the recent past has resulted in the evolution of jewelry. Jewelry come in a variety of types in different cultures with skull jewelry being a popular kind.

 Skull jewelry is known to portray a sense of power and style which is why it is usually preferred by bikers, teenagers, and celebrities. It has overcome the conventional fashion paving way to the development of fashionable jewelry. Some people may simply wear this jewelry for a sense of being unique while others prefer it a sense of human evolution.

Skull jewelry has evolved greatly and now comes in several designs and styles. The jewelry has become even more stylish and fashionable with the designers becoming more imaginative and inventive. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The market features an amazing collection of different types of skull jewelry including skull earrings, biker rings, necklaces, skull rings, and anklet bracelets among others. Additionally, the jewelry is made from different types of valuable materials and come at various prices.

Skull jewelry often makes a bold statement and tends to bring out the masculine look of the man through the use of thick and heavy metals.  Biker rings can be made from silver, gold, and even stainless steel. If you want to learn more about skull jewelry, you can visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpe5rjh40Qc.

The most common material is silver. This is because it gives the jewelry a modern look, making it look fashionable and trendy. Genuine and aesthetic gems can also be embedded in these units. Another type of material used for skull accessories is wood. Although it is indeed an unusual material jewelry, it often produces spectacular designs. It gives off a rustic appeal and is well-suited for individuals who do not want to wear shiny materials like gold or silver.

In the past, this jewelry at this website was mostly designed for men. However, skull jewelry are now an obsession for many, males and females alike. The skull earrings available on the market are mostly unisex, meaning they can be worn by both men and women.

You can find several shops both online and offline specializing in skull jewelry.Make sure you opt for high-quality skull accessories. Additionally, the best jewelry should be affordable.

 If you prefer skull accessories made of metal; it is essential that you select a unit that can stand the test of time. It is also important that you select funky and stylish accessories in order to capture the attention of other people.  Ensure that the craftsmanship of the jewelry is made in a way that it brings out a sense of style.

Whether you need biker rings for yourself or looking for a perfect gift for a loved one, you must put some thought into the occasion to which the jewelry will be worn. Always buy skull jewelry from a reputable shop. Purchase skull ring for sale here!